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The Gay Ohio History Initiative is a collaborative effort between the Ohio History Connection and Outlook Media that began in 2005 when Outlook Media donated a full run of Outlook periodicals to the Ohio History Connection.  This project is designed to preserve Ohio’s LGBTQ history by building a collection of items that tell the story of the LGBTQ community in Ohio and to educate K-12 teachers on the roles of LGBTQ people in history.

GOHI works to preserve, archive, and curate the history and culture of LGBTQ citizens of Ohio, to document and share these stories with all Ohioans, and create opportunities for understanding the past in order to build a better future.

In recent years this has become a multi-layered initiative designed to educate Ohioans and raise awareness about LGBTQ citizens and their place in the fabric of Ohio.  Some of the efforts GOHI has established include:


GOHI has been working to establish an archive of LGBTQ-related collections and is continuously adding items to this collection.


It is the goal of GOHI to work with LGBTQ organizations across the state to document significant history, support communities through Pride celebrations and other special events, and to partner and consult with community partners to create opportunites to share and present history within the LGBTQ community and to Ohioans across the state.


Using the historic markers program (www.remarkableohio.com), GOHI seeks to work with community partners to identify and install  historic markers that represent important people, events, and places in LGBTQ history. 

The goals of GOHI are:

  • To improve the breadth and depth of the GOHI collection in order to make a more complete narrative.
  • To offer tailored educational opportunities to educators, museum professionals and the public  utilizing the GOHI collection.

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