Donation/Cataloging Process 2017-03-21T17:41:25+00:00

Stage 1

  • Donor fills out GOHI paperwork (Donation Interest Form)
    •  The donor is the person or entity who has legal ownership of an object or collection.  (This is the person who will sign the deed of gift)
    • This paperwork is forwarded to Ohio History Connection curatorial representative for follow-up

Stage 2

  • Ohio History Connection representative will contact potential donor to gather more information and make arrangements to transfer collection to OHC custody.  (Donation Submission Form)
  • Ohio History Connection representative will complete referral process and present the collection to the Ohio History Connection’s Collections Management Team (CMT)
    • If the collection is accepted it will continue to Stage 3
    • If the collection is not accepted an OHC representative will contact the donor to inform them and handle the collection per the donor’s request (return it to them, transfer to another institution, dispose of according to OHC policy, etc.).  A report will be presented to GOHI, as well.

Stage 3

  • A Deed of Gift will be processed through the Ohio History Connection registrar
  • Appropriate forms will be signed by the donor and the collection will pass into Stage 4

Stage 4

  • Material will be accessioned into the Ohio History Connection collection

Step 5

  • Material will be cataloged

This process may take anywhere from a few weeks to over a year.